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Mother Of Pearl Tie Clip

This Mother Of Pearl tie Clip bar is a first rate surrogate to keep your tie in place while you're traveling, it's made Of stainless steel and is polished on the inside. It's also comfortable to wear and renders a vintage austria Mother Of Pearl tie Clip bar.

Cheap Mother Of Pearl Tie Clip

This Mother Of Pearl tie Clip is an unique and vintage-looking sword Clip that you might want to wear on a dinner guests, the lucite handle makes it look good too, whether you're carrying it around or not using it. Made from Mother Of pearl, it is a beautiful way for a stylish and functional piece, it is love-friendly, so you can take care Of your tie Clip with warm milk and hands. The gold tone gives it an elegant look, and the black color is dandy for any room, this unique tie Clip is inspired by the Mother Of pearl. Made Of silver-toned metal, it renders a porcelain clay design, the Clip is 3. 5" long and is decorated with a Mother Of Pearl design in the center, this Mother Of Pearl tie Clip is a beautiful vintage swank sword tie bar clip. It is fabricated Of Mother Of Pearl and offers a gold tone in it, it is 2 lot and is some what small, but is still in exceptional condition.